Kincrome Jan/Feb 2020 Catalogue - Inside

Kincrome Australia

Kincrome Australia My role at Kincrome involved working as an in-house Graphic Designer as part of the creative team. I developed designs using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop, as well produced physical mock-ups. My design tasks included editing images, developing sales flyers, designing product packaging, catalogues, banners, merchandise and other promotional materials. All of these… Read More
36th Australian Latvian Youth Festival Poster

36th Australian Latvian Youth Festival

36th Australian Latvian Youth Festival As part of my work for the Melbourne Latvian community, I was involved in the organising committee of the 36th Australian Latvian Youth Festival. I took on the role of managing the festival's communications, which included the design of posters, tickets, lanyard cards and social media management. The festival's logo… Read More
Tek Saulite Album Back

Tek Saulite

Tek Saulite For the album artwork of Tek Saulite, a minimalist design was used. The album’s title in Latvian means ‘setting sun’. To represent the text, a circular symbol was chosen that was continuous from the front to the back of the CD sleeve. This project also involved the design of a poster, as well… Read More
Mercy Health REACH Poster


REACH The REACH poster and banner were developed as part of a health-awareness campaign for Mercy Health Australia. The brief was to redesign their existing collateral and make it easily readable, more patient-focused and adaptable to various formats. For the project, brand guidelines and a specific colour-scheme had to be used.   Further info on… Read More
Young Blood CD Front

Young Blood

Young Blood The album artwork design for Young Blood was developed working together with the musician himself as well as a photographer. The artist requested a mysterious design that evoked nature and which could also be used for a range of promotional materials. Using professional photographs and bold text, a theme was created that was… Read More