Lai Noskan Klusums

Lai Noskan Klusums The album artwork design for Lai Noskan Klusums was developed for Latvian musician Evija Smagare Music. The artist provided high-quality photographs which were taken by a professional photographer. The album's title in Latvian means 'let there be silence'. This meaning is represented in the visual elements used as part of the album… Read More
Tek Saulite Album Back

Tek Saulite

Tek Saulite For the album artwork of Tek Saulite, a minimalist design was used. The album’s title in Latvian means ‘setting sun’. To represent the text, a circular symbol was chosen that was continuous from the front to the back of the CD sleeve. This project also involved the design of a poster, as well… Read More
Young Blood CD Front

Young Blood

Young Blood The album artwork design for Young Blood was developed working together with the musician himself as well as a photographer. The artist requested a mysterious design that evoked nature and which could also be used for a range of promotional materials. Using professional photographs and bold text, a theme was created that was… Read More