Kincrome Australia

My role at Kincrome involved working as an in-house Graphic Designer as part of the creative team. I developed designs using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop, as well produced physical mock-ups. My design tasks included editing images, developing sales flyers, designing product packaging, catalogues, banners, merchandise and other promotional materials. All of these designs had to adhere to the company’s style guide, and meet the requirements of Australian safety standards.

My proudest achievement at Kincrome was designing the Jan/Feb 2020 Tool Sale Catalogue (TSC). The TSC is printed in the millions and distributed to stockists all across Australia. The design process involved coming up with a concept for the front cover, personalising the inner layout, and working closely with the category managers. Alongside the catalogue release, I designed various promotional and point of sale materials, including store posters, price tickets and website banners.

Kincrome Australia
Packaging, Poster Design, Print, Web